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Supporting SMEs with skills, talents and digital positioning for livelihood goals and dreams

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We are everyday youth

We help young people set and pursue their goals and dream in tech and digital space

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We matchmake young Nigerian to companies where they learn and contribute in no small ways to the growth of that company with their learned skills

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We are everyday youth

We help young Nigerians get a skill in the digital landscape and develop earning potential

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About Digital Skills Accelerator

We exist to help young Nigerians to overcome lack, improve their employability, creation of jobs and develop the nation through empowerment of young Nigerians from rural, surburb and urban areas with skills that matter in today’s digital economy.

Our Program Focus

Digital skills development
Content creation
Web development
App development
Positive contributions
Content creation
Virtual Community learning system
Job matchmaking
Information and opportunities
Pet projects

Digital Skills Accelerator Cohorts

This is our unique, intense and exciting program through which we help young Nigerians across the 6 geo polo zones overcome different financial, relevancy and digital skills problems that affect their earning and contribution potentials. This virtual, physical and hybrid program practically empower young Nigerians and help them to become content creators, web developers, graphic designers, ai prompt engineers and, social media managers, copywriters, data analysts, SEO experts and video editors which help boost their self esteem, raise their self belief, and motivate them to contribute to the society, believe and stay in the country, contribute to the economy and pass it on to their communities.

What participants say about Digital Skills Accelerator

This is an eye opener, there are so much potential in me and unveiling them, showing me and taking me through all of these in a month is definitely a miracle. The digits space the the new oil

- Deborah Sadoluwa - Abuja

I browsed WaowX online and learned that there’s a program like this, I’ve gone to so many academies but not was like this, I got so much in so little time. Here in Lagos now, nothing is new to me and I can do so much with my skills in SEO and social media management. Bring the brand, I’ll make it better

-Farida Aliyu - Lagos

This is the skill gap I’ve been looking for and I wish this could be forever but I guess there’s no need for that because I’ve learned so much in social media marketing, graphic designing and website development in such a small time, and now I bagged a job!e

- Ifeoluwa Josephin - Abuja

Our Partners

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